Tuesday, January 27, 2015


A game based on societal views. There are three types of colored cubes in the game. One being 'blue' (player), a few others as 'red' (other people with different views) and 'green' (the walls/society in itself).
It is a top-down color swapping game with the motive being to make the walls as 'blue' (player's color). Although the win case for each level is to have the majority of the walls as 'blue' (signifying power over the society) and the rest as 'green' (other ideals are fine) but none as 'red' (but not of the opponent). The player does not win if all the walls are 'blue' which signifies dictatorship.

Here is a YouTube video of the game: LoopOfLies.

I had participated in the Independent Games Festival (2014 Student Competition Entrant):
Independent Games Festival - LoopOfLies

Aditya Subramanian, 2015

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